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as possible. mohammed fahmy joining us by phone now. what do you know about the negotiations and where they stand right now? >> i just got off the phone with a yrl and he informed me that two of his officers had visited the kidnappers on friday and saturday. they met the hostages and he unfortunately informed me that michel louis has suffered a diabetic attack. that's how he described it. he also mentioned that the kidnapper provided him with medicine that he got from the pharmacy. he's confirmed that the hostages are being moved around in different areas in sinai and that the kidnapper is very
right to the ridiculist. that does it for us. "early start" starts right now. >>> breaking news. fire raging. right now after a freight train crashes in columbus, ohio. >>> repealing health care. the house votes in a matter of hours. but it won't make much of a difference. >>> hot pursuit. a police chase ending in dramatic fashion. that suspect's car plunging off of the freeway. and you will not believe what he said his reason for doing this was. you'll find out all about it in a moment. it's right at the top of the hour. good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." nice to have you with us. i'm ashleigh banfield. >> i'm ali velshi. zi r zoraida sambolin is off today. >>> we begin with breaking news. hazmat crews at the scene of this spectacular fire. it's raging in ohio right now after a train that was pulling several tankers derailed just before 2:00 this morning eastern time. this was an accident that happened in the north end of columbus. flames can be seen apparently for miles. witnesses reporting in that they could see this a long way off. christine romans has been monitori
that somebody was using that pump just a minute earlier. close call. wow. >>> thanks for joining us. see you back here next weekend. have a good one. >>> breaking news this morning. president obama plans to fire over the tax cuts. >>> tens of thousands of people could wake this up morning with no internet service, thanks to some pretty nasty malwear. >>> and a cold front breaks the heat wave but brings damaging storms along with it. welcome to "early start," i'm ali velshi, zoraida sambolin is off today. >> good to have you here with us. i'm ashleigh banfield. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> this is cnn breaking news. >> we begin this morning with breaking news. we have learned that president obama is holding a big event at the white house rose garden later today to resurrect the battle over the bush tax cuts. he will be surrounded by working class americans while he calls on congress to extend tax cuts for everyone, making $250,000 a year or less. republicans want the tax cuts extended for everyone, the wealthy included. the white house will be very busy framing the tax cut debate this week
own, unfortunately. dan simon live from san francisco this morning. so first of all, give us the backdrop for anybody still waking up not knowing this was coming. how did this all happen? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. this goes back to 2007. this was a sophisticated online advertising scam, ashleigh. cyberthieves from estonia were able to infect about 4 million computers worldwide with this really nasty computer virus. this malicious software. and that software forced unsuspecting users to fraudulent websites and interfered with web browsing.fbi broke up this ring last year but quickly concluded, ashleigh, if you turn off these bad internet servers, these corrupted ones, it would knock people off the internet. they did something clever, pretty unprecedented. they replace ed the bad servers with good, clean servers. if you get didn't gets prepared, unfortunately you're out of luck. >> i was realizing i had checked my computer at home. last night i went to that website, dcwg.org. it pops up a full screen green icon. if you're infected it shows up red. for anybody who did
. he's using the internet. >> very interesting, i was watching his kids' take on. this first, we'll start with our top story. the fbi and international authorities are working to find out how sewing needles wound up in four sandwiches on a delta airlines flight. the needles were found on four separate flights. all traveling from amsterdam to the united states. officials say one passenger was injured by a needle but declined medical treatment. federal agents have launched a criminal investigation now. cnn's sandra endo is live in washington with the very latest. this is just outrageous. what have authorities uncovered so far? >> a full blown investigation is under way. the fbi and local authorities in the netherlands are trying to figure out how the needles got into those turkey sandwiches in the first place. a spokesperson says the neelds were found in sandwiches on flights from amsterdam to minneapolis, seattle, and two flights to atlanta. two of the needles were found by passengers and one was discovered by an air marshall. when delta found out about the needles in the food, th
with mccartney, don't bug me. words to live by on the riduculist. that does it for us. "early start"begins now. >>> danger at 30,000 feet. the fbi wants to know who put needles on the food on four different delta flights. >>> and who will it be and when? anticipation mounts as mitt romney mulls over his choice for vice president. >>> saved from a terrifying plunge. take a look at this. >> oh, my goodness. >> a bus driver breaks a young girl's fall -- here it cops -- from a third story window. amazing. >> wait until you see the video of this as it's unfolding. it's really incredible. >> he says he's not a hero. good morning and welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> how do you define hero then? >> that guy right there. >> thanks for joining us. it is 5:00 a.m. here in the east. so let's get started. the midnight deadline for jeremy lin, will the nba sensation decide to stay in new york? we'll talk to "sports illustrated's" maggie gray about that. >>> also we'll have depack chopra here about exploring your relationship with the universe. he's using the internet. >> very interes
in sports from the u.s. anti-doping agency. they were all associated with lance armstrong's former u.s. postal service cycling team. the agency says they were trafficking in performance enhancing drugs during all or part of lance armstrong's seven tour de france victories. armstrong himself is not part of that. but he is fighting charges as well that he used banned drugs. he filed a lawsuit. it was dismissed. he went ahead and refiled that lawsuit in a flash, really. all within a matter of days. a lawsuit against the anti-doping agency to try to help keep their case from going forward. stay tuned to this space. it may be dismissed again. it may go forward. >> there's been anti-doping agency news almost every day. one might start to wonder whether they are on a performance enhancing drug. >> good point. listen, the controversy is raging. this guy has gone through hundreds of tests. he's cleared hundreds of tests. he wants people to know, this could also just be really bad press. >> yeah. he's refiled it. we'll follow it closely. >>> trucks aren't meant to fly. doesn't mean they can't. a
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. investigators are telling us that they have found no explosives on board a delta airplane a plane that returned to kennedy airport in new york because there was a security scare. it was delta flight 126 and it turned around about an hour into its flight. it was on its way to spain. obviously it didn't get there. passengers instead taken off, evacuated from that plane and the nypd bomb squad got on board instead and brought with them bomb sniffing dogs. authorities say the plane was turned around after a passenger on board was in the bathroom and found some drinking strauss that apparently had wires, wires stuffed inside them. >>> lawmakers are fuming that team usa will be decked out in uniforms that are red white and blue but made in china. senator gillibrand and israel sent a letter to the chairman of the u.s. olympic committee that they source uniforms only from the united states in the future. senator harry reid suggested a less diplomatic approach. >> i'm so upset that i think the olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves. i think they should be embarrassed. i think they should take
happened. here is an e-mail we got from elizabeth's mother. she wrote into us and said many good things have come from the interview. one thing being my daughter's bullies who posted their practical joke of her on facebook saw cnn and called her to apologize. she happy. thank you for watching and my good friend, don lemon, back here next weekend. >>> kidnapped, the attempt to recovery two americans kidnapped in egypt. >>> and gone without a trace, two girls last seen riding their bikes near a lake. >>> tires punctures after someone threw tacks on the road. >>> good morning and welcome to "early saturdtart." >> you know, you come back from vacation, you have a new anchor. >> thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm zoraida sambo will i n. up first, authorities in egypt trying to negotiate the release of two kidnapped victims. one of the victims is diabetic. and his family is not here he has his medication with him. mohammed sami joins us on the phone in sinai, egypt, right now. where do the negotiations stand right now with the kidnapper? >> they are trying to negotiate with the hosta
-up. could more criminal charges follow. outrage over u.s. olympic uniforms made in china. one lawmaker says we should burn them all. and two wheels full throttle the motorcycle rider who made this video this morning is a wanted man. and you are going to see it. get your air sickness bag because man i'm telling you you can't look at that screen too long. welcome everybody. welcome to early start. i'm ashleigh banfield. >> good morning. i'm alina cho bringing the news from a to c. >> so weird. we have the alphabet all mixed up. >> anger, sadness and overwhelming shame at penn state. a scathing report conducted by a former director of the fbi, leaving the school and its legendary coaches shattered. saying joe paterno and top university officials not only hid but empowered a child predator in jerry sandusky. the outrage is spreading so quickly there are calls to tear down a statue of paterno that stands youds of beaver stadium. will more criminal charges be coming? susan candiotti is live in philadelphia this morning. susan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. yes, you're right. for
for that tragedy. >>> this morning more than 60% of the u.s. are dealing with extreme drought conditions. nearly 1,300 counties in the united states have been labeled disaster areas. the obama administration is asking congress for drought relief help and to help pass a 5 500 billion dollar farm bill. right now crops are withering away under the heat, threatening to drive up prices on food and fuel in the nation. corn prices are coming next. tom vilsack says increased consumer costs could come later this year and next year. he said, by the way, he's getting on his knees every day saying an extra prayer. rob marciano is live in indianapolis at the heart of the drought right now standing, i believe, with some cattle. this isn't just about crops, is it? >> no, it's not. this is a ripple effect that in all the factors that you spoke of, it goes well beyond, you know, the corn belt and farmers that may just be having a bad year. it goes down the line in a big trickle effect. one of them is livestock and the food that we eat. the milk we drink. because these animals need that grain, need that corn to sur
. >> that is awesome. it's caught on camera. i'm ashleigh banfield. it's nice to have you with us every morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. let's get started with this. go vote for someone else. how about that for a campaign pitch. fighting words for mitt romney after a pretty rough reception at the naacp convention. it was a tough sell to begin with though anyway. governor romney's really trying to convince african-americans that they'd be better served with him in the white house than with president obama. president obama has about 95ish percent support among african-americans. he misstepped when he referred to the president's health carrey forms as obama care. >> i'm going to eliminate every non-essential expensive program i can find, that includes obama care, and i'm going to work to reform and save -- >> yeah, those are the sound of boos. you might say ouch or maybe not. romney is getting beat up by naacp. listen to the president of the washington, d.c., branch describe that chorus of boos. >> he literally came to our house and attacked the issues that are important to us on our turf. >> an
of boos. >> he literally came to our house and attacked the issues that are important to us on our turf. >> and there you have it. that was the wrapup, at least from that presidency. shannon travis is live from washington, d.c., this morning. shannon, it really looks like mitt romney's just not backing down at all from this, and there are all sorts of people weighing in on all sorts of different reasons for why he may have gone to the naacp annual conference. wrap it up for me to start with whether this is going to have a residual effect in the negative or in the positive. >> reporter: well, we're still trying to weigh that, ashleigh. when i was watching it, it felt like one of those reality tv shows where the candidate on stage either lives or dyes by boos or applause. he was booed when he mentioned obama care which was a little surprising, because the people at naacp, it's not surprising that he is opposed to obama care. he got booed when he said he was a better president for african-americans than president obama is. last night at a fundraiser in montana governor romney basically pla
. christine romans was working the phones for us very late last night. you know, we heard alexander say there is corn in everything, right? it's not just about food, she said. it's about, you know, makeup and tires. but we're talking about food. and livelyhood. and farmers. >> totally. you always hear about how oil runs the world's global economy. but corn does, too. because corn is -- this is something you're going to see, folks. global food prices are going to rise. we've already been seeing it overall. food, higher grain prices feed into beef, pork, poultry, cereal, processed foods. we burn corn for fuel, ethanol. we use corn in all kinds of different -- all kinds of different manufactured products. then you've got soybeans. you've got hay. hay fields are drying out. farmers who have livestock are plowing under -- actually cutting down their driest parts of their corn fields and starting to feed that to their animals as well. this is from livestock to -- look, the most important thing here, yes, corn is in makeup. the most important thing here is food. the world is fed by this bread
, but a little patient with us here, but they are moving as quickly as they can. you can see what they are up against here, just the physical nature having to remove things like this. this scene is repeating over and over in the states. >> brian, stay with us. things are changing by the hour. brian todd reporting live in west virginia. and also this morning we are asking leaders from right across the region, how are you going to fix this thing? when is the power coming back for people? first, the mayor of lewisburg, john manchester, is going to join us at 6:30 eastern time. >>> more on the heat wave and when we expect relief. alexandra is in for rob marciano, what a horrible situation. folks are without power and a couple of hot days forecasted for these states. >>> places like minneapolis, the heat index or what it will feel like, 112 degrees there. one thing you'll notice waking up on the east coast to go out to get your paper, there's more moisture in the area. the dew point is higher than it's been, so temperatures for some along the eastern seaboard may not be as hot, but the uncomfortab
for the wealthiest of us americans. >> here's what's at stake. we've got the bush tax cuts are set to expire at the end of this year. and i feel very strongly that the middle class tax cuts, which would affect 98% of americans, should be extended further. now is not the time for a tax increase on the middle class. the republicans say they agree with that. well, what we should do is work on what we agree on. >> we should work on what we agree on. what a great idea. do we agree on anything? cnn's political editor paul steinhauser is live in washington, d.c. i can see you smiling already. help me -- just get me off the ledge on this one. americans hear about this nonstop. it's almost like white noise. they need to know what exactly what happened yesterday. there was no issue, there was no policy, there was nothing passed. wasn't this just politicking? >> yeah, and we've got less than four months to go until the presidential election and that's what a lot of this is about, presidential politicses. congress up for election as well in november. we went through this fight two years ago the last tim
the wildfires for us. rob, we're going to get to the latest on the fires. first, can you update us on the extreme heat? >> unbelievable heat that we've seen over the weekend, zoraida. over 1800 records have fallen in the past seven days. 150, over 150 all-time record highs so in many cases this is unprecedented heat. and certainly dangerously so. take a look at the record high temperatures, just from yesterday. chattanooga, 107 degrees. atlanta, georgia, 105. some of these again, all-time records, in nashville, 105. laguardia seeing a high temperature of 97 degrees as wellth and d.c. getting into the mid 90s. those temperatures measured in the shade, they don't include humidity. we do have a weak cold front and i emphasize weak, that's sliding across the northeast. we don't have nearly as many heat advisories and warnings today. still, there's a slew of states from the western great lakes to the southeast, including the mid south under a heat advisory and heat warning today, with heat indices expected to get to 110, 115 degrees food. most of the areas still in the areas that still
that launches a car into midair. >>> dara torres coming up short. her remarkable run as a u.s. olympian is over this morning. >> that's heartbreaking. >> it really is. i was rooting for her. in her 40s with a kid trying her best. >> i feel like i've had my entire professional career covering her as an olympian. >> that's an amazing story to cover. good morning to you. thank you for being with us. >> hi, everybody, nice to have you with us. we're bring you the news from a to z, it's 5:00 eastern. let's get right to it, shall we? this is unbelievable, unrelenting, unforgiving, it is a heat wave, and it is devastating from k.c. to d.c. and it's going to continue today too, tomorrow, as well. all the way through the july 4th holiday. in some places, it's going to feel like 115 degrees, particularly in parts of the midwest today. and for millions of people without power, sorry to report this, there is not a whole lot of relief coming your way. at least 19 people now have died in the last week after deadly storms swept through the nation. about 1.7 million people still haven't gotten any power. this
. that is brutal. all right. sandra endo, live for us in arlington, virginia. thank you, this morning. >>> five minutes past the hour. how hot is it? well, check this out. it is so hot that the extreme heat buckled the pavement in wisconsin. it created a ramp on highway 21 that sent a car airborne. take a look at that. unbelievable. the car landed, swerved across the other side of the highway and off the road leaving a cloud of dust in its path. that video was posted on youtube. the highway was repaired and it was reopened. alexandra steele is tracking all this brutal heat. you heard a gentleman there in arlington, virginia, that said people are simply in dire straits. are we going to see triple digit temperatures again today? >> yeah, for a lot of the country we will. the unfortunate thing is the areas where the derecho moved through friday night, iowa, indiana, all the way through washingtonnd virginia where we did and have lost power, temperatures are going to be between 95 degrees and 100 degrees. minneapolis, right now in minneapolis, it feels like 88 degrees, it's 84. expecting 96, their
the storm and rob mars an mow is going to let us know where they're going. >> good morning. >> well, the storms have weakened. around 5:00 they were rolling down the south, the western part of the smoky mountains. if you don't know east of knoxville. a lot of tourists get millions of visitors, as a matter of fact. as you would imagine in the middle of july, a lot of folks camping via tents and rv. that's the danger these storms pose. there was a storm -- there was a severe thunderstorm watch posted at the time but regardless kind of a couple cells or clusters of cells converging on this area as it drove down to the south. with all the heat that was built up, much like the deraiecho and funny things happen in the mountains when you get them down across the area of tennessee where winds can converge and accurately accelerate those, as well. now, we're looking at things driving down to the south weakening somewhat but yet another wind event with thunderstorms with all this heat that we've built up certainly not helping the situation. >> all right, rob, thanks very much. keep an eye on
mandate is a tax. that is romney's position, the new position. and he's using it to his advantage now, blasting the president for breaking a promise to raise taxes -- not to raise taxes on the middle class. >>> it kind of felt like 1776 for a lot of americans, the hottest and stickiest night out there without any relief. >> still is. >> can you imagine? this is a serious bummer. about 700,000 people still with no power across 12 states and the nation's capital this morning. six days after the powerful series of storms went blowing through, fueled by extreme heat. this is what washington's massive power outage looks like from space. it's kind of obvious. amazing before-and-after images taken by a nasa satellite for us. extensive power outages in washington and baltimore. visible, clearly, in these images. looks like stars if you squint and you realize you're looking the other way. in west virginia, the heat and the power outages have led to a food crisis, too. people having to toss out everything from their freezers and stores also. look at the shelves. >> empty. >> everything was spoi
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)

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